1 – Days End

First of style with spackle knife
Days End

This acrylic painting is 48” wide X 36” tall X ¾” deep. Days End is a gallery wrapped canvas ready to hang or it may also be framed. Days End may be hung right side up or up side down, as your mood determines. This  original painting is available for sale, display or art shows. See contact information below.

Days End started as a seascape, but it wanted to be dark. There is still water but it could be a river or sea or a marsh. The sky could be stormy or just dark. Are there trees, lights from passing vehicles or the sky reflecting in the water, plants, a beach? Finally, one person decided they liked it better upside down from the way I had seen it.

Opportunities to own Art

Purchasing options (not including tax and shipping/handling):

  • Original painting  —–
  • Reproduction / Giclee Copies (from digital scan)
    • Same size gallery wrapped canvas  —–
      • Other sizes available, including larger sizes. Contact me for pricing (contact information below)
    • 40″ X 30″ Matt Paper print (not matted or framed)  —–
      • Same size and other sizes available. Contact me for pricing (contact information below)
    • Other items available: note cards, bookmarks



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