16 – Burning

This acrylic painting is 16” wide X 20” tall X 1 3/8” deep. Burning is a gallery wrapped canvas ready to hang or it may also be framed. This  original painting has been SOLD {thank you Skip for supporting this artist}. Prints are available for sale, display or art shows. See contact information below.

So much fun working with gold paint. This started as a dark sunset ocean, but turned into a late sunset seen thru dark trees or weeds. A deep burn kept pushing thru the trees, the water just went away from this painting.

Karen Fieldstad Art Portfolio
16 Burning

Purchasing options (not including tax and shipping/handling):

  • Original painting  —–   SOLD
  • Reproduction / Giclee Copies (from digital scan)
    • Same size gallery wrapped canvas  —–  
      • Other sizes available, including larger sizes. Contact me for pricing (contact information below)
    • 16″ X 20″ Matt Paper print (not matted or framed)  —–  
      • Same size and other sizes available. Contact me for pricing (contact information below)
    • Other items available: note cards, bookmarks

Check out this very nice recommendation (on Facebook) from a happy customer who bought a same size reproduction copy of this painting, thanks Jim!

Here are his words from his posting –>

“So if it’s my style I have a deep appreciation for art…. This piece caught my eye when my co-worker Karen was showing us her website. She lives in Topsfield, MA and is a very intriguing Yuppie/Hippie as I call her but her work is very good. I bought this piece and wanted to give her a plug she has her designs printed on clothes, cell phone covers, mugs etc… check out her site👍 If you are into real art and owning something original then shop her page, her business is picking up and I think she’s gonna take it somewhere. She autographed my copy but i don’t think that’s standard with her other work. I liked the gallery wrapped stuff myself which go for about $100-$125 for a 16×20 but these are scaled down versions of her originals paintings that can take her months to finish! Very detailed work my pics don’t do this piece justice….. clothing is high quality as well as her other baseline products”