My new cell phone cover came


loving it, it is from “feeling christmas” my doodle drawing, I am pretty happy with the quality. I got the ‘tough’ cover, it has a black rubber piece that the printed part snaps onto, fun! Red Bubble did a good job, and it came pretty fast, about 2 weeks.


trying out some on-line shop ideas

Not sure how these will go, but I am giving them a try …

ETSY –> a few images that you can order reproduction prints at ESTY, I still have a lot of work to do to figure out shipping and handling for different size stuff. Let me know any feedback or ideas to make the posting better!     ETSY LINK

VIDA –> this site takes a digital image of a piece of art work and prints it on fabric and makes things to sell thru their site. I have 2 scarves available, I haven’t verified the quality of the items yet so I am not pushing those. They take 4-6 weeks to deliver. I like the idea that they support literacy for the workers who produce the items. I don’t like that they ‘own’ my design for that item forever, but then again I don’t have to make or ship the items. Check it out and let me know if I can improve the page that was set up for me there 🙂        VIDA LINK


not at topsfield fair this year :(

I completely missed the drop off dates for the fair! too much going on and I never put it into my calendar (my other brain). Well, things happen for a reason, I just don’t know what it is yet. Lets wait and see. Next year maybe.

I haven’t been able to get into my paint space and paint for a few months now, also a victim of my too much going on schedule. But, I still needed to do something creative /  calming so I did a pen doodle drawing. check it on the ‘something else entirely’ page I will be adding to my website shortly 🙂


what have i been up to

SO busy (of course, just like everyone else!)

I am thinking of redoing my website format, so watch for that.

I have submitted to the Topsfield Fair to display 2 paintings at their art show and I will have some reproduction items available at their art sale area. They have limited size options so only 3 of my paintings even met their size restrictions! Green Trees and Seagrass Band will be there, I hope.

I have submitted to mass general illuminations program (art display in the cancer center) to have some of my pieces in their art display program. Very exciting!