Yearly Archives: 2016

My new cell phone cover came


loving it, it is from “feeling christmas” my doodle drawing, I am pretty happy with the quality. I got the ‘tough’ cover, it has a black rubber piece that the printed part snaps onto, fun! Red Bubble did a good job, and it came pretty fast, about 2 weeks.


trying out some on-line shop ideas

Not sure how these will go, but I am giving them a try …

ETSY –> a few images that you can order reproduction prints at ESTY, I still have a lot of work to do to figure out shipping and handling for different size stuff. Let me know any feedback or ideas to make the posting better!     ETSY LINK

VIDA –> this site takes a digital image of a piece of art work and prints it on fabric and makes things to sell thru their site. I have 2 scarves available, I haven’t verified the quality of the items yet so I am not pushing those. They take 4-6 weeks to deliver. I like the idea that they support literacy for the workers who produce the items. I don’t like that they ‘own’ my design for that item forever, but then again I don’t have to make or ship the items. Check it out and let me know if I can improve the page that was set up for me there 🙂        VIDA LINK

not at topsfield fair this year :(

I completely missed the drop off dates for the fair! too much going on and I never put it into my calendar (my other brain). Well, things happen for a reason, I just don’t know what it is yet. Lets wait and see. Next year maybe.

I haven’t been able to get into my paint space and paint for a few months now, also a victim of my too much going on schedule. But, I still needed to do something creative /  calming so I did a pen doodle drawing. check it on the ‘something else entirely’ page I will be adding to my website shortly 🙂

what have i been up to

SO busy (of course, just like everyone else!)

I am thinking of redoing my website format, so watch for that.

I have submitted to the Topsfield Fair to display 2 paintings at their art show and I will have some reproduction items available at their art sale area. They have limited size options so only 3 of my paintings even met their size restrictions! Green Trees and Seagrass Band will be there, I hope.

I have submitted to mass general illuminations program (art display in the cancer center) to have some of my pieces in their art display program. Very exciting!

More art up day at the library

setting up the show took a lot of pre-set-up work:

  • tags for the pieces
    • I have QR codes on each tag that can be scanned with a smart phone or tablet with scan software or smart camera, which will take you directly to that piece’s webpage for more information
    • formating and getting the right printer paper
  • making sure all the pieces were wired for hanging and pads added to the backs to hold them off the walls
  • getting some paintings scanned for print copies
    • one 11X14 copy on paper made and framed for Birches for a visual example
    • one 36X36 copy on stretched canvas (gallery style) created for an interested purchaser, who has graciously delayed delivery until after the show so it can be used as  visual example for that type of print copy
  • creating other information documents (framed and wired) to hang at the show
    • how to use QR codes
    • how to order copies and the rough cost of copies (based on size and type)
    • short bio and an older 3″ putty knife that I broke while painting last year
  • getting and setting up a guest book
  • business cards
  • invite cards, information posters, email notices
  • getting the paintings into the library on a rainy day! and then getting them hung up (straight 🙂 ). Luckily, I had help from my sons and husband