Don’t waste the pain

Running. Not something I have ever really wanted to do and be good at, but, turns out it is good for me and the people around me. Why is that? Running is therapy. I run with my neighbor, we distract ourselves from the doing by talking about our day. We leave a lot of stuff on the road, and that is good. Very good. The people in my life are much happier when I run :|. My running partner and I came up with a saying from today’s run, ‘Don’t waste the pain!’. It comes from that day after stiffness pain you get when you stop running for a bit then start right back up, day after pain. If you get back out there, you still feel it but it is lessened, and the next time it is even better. Thank you C25K (couch to 5K) and my neighbor, for getting me out and moving, I won’t waste the pain.

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