That’s what people say when I show them what I ‘paint’ with:


3″ putty knife, also used for spackling. I have broken one so far.

I start a new job soon, which may impact my output for a bit, maybe.

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2 thoughts on “SRSLY”

  1. Do you use the putty knife in preference to an off-set painter’s palette knife? If you have your reasons, that is one thing but if you want to avoid the annoyance of breakage, you might consider a palette knife. They come in a wide selection of widths and shapes. I use an off-set knife for the flexibility and control it offers. See them on New York Central Art Supply or Utrecht online. Probably the other online resources offer palette as well.


    1. Thanks Alice. I do have some smaller palette knives, but at the time I just grabbed what was handy in the basement. I have become used to it now and I am not sure I could do the same with a ‘real’ one! I will check them out though, as you are correct that they would certainly last longer, I seem to get about a year out of one. I do like the freedom of the 1 tool challenge I started with, I did this to allow myself to get out of the way (my mind out of the way that is) so things could just flow. Love to see your comments.


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