34 – Warming Up

This acrylic painting is 30” wide X 48” tall X 1 3/8” deep. Warming Up is a gallery wrapped canvas ready to hang or it may also be framed. This original painting is available for sale, display or art shows. See contact information below.

A follow on piece to Sunny Meditation, Warming Up is a lighter, warmer version of my meditation ruminations. It is surprisingly linear, yellow, gold, orange, red. It was a surprise after some stressful moments, I thought it was going to be dark, but I was wrong again. Gotta let the energy flow as it flows.

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34 Warming Up

Purchasing options (not including tax and shipping/handling):

  • Original painting  —–  
  • Reproduction / Giclee Copies (from digital scan)
    • Same size gallery wrapped canvas  —–approximately  
      • Other sizes available, including larger sizes. Contact me for pricing (contact information below)
    • 30″ X 24″ Matt Paper print (not matted or framed)  —–  
      • Same size and other sizes available. Contact me for pricing (contact information below)
    • Other items available: note cards, bookmarks