Artist History

CV / Artist Statement

I am a Mechanical Engineer in the Computer Aided Design field, raising 2 sons with my husband and living my life. I have interests in gardening, reading, and philosophy in a Tao/Zen kind of way.

In elementary school my mother signed me up for drawing and painting classes after school. I have been drawing, painting, crafting, writing, creating … ever since.

My current set of work is somewhat abstract landscapes, created on large canvas, using a 3 inch yellow plastic putty knife and acrylic paint. I do not use brushes or any other media applicator in this painting style. I have been pursuing this technique since 2015 and it has evolved into distinct ‘groupings’ of paintings:

  • tree trunks only
    • Examples – Birches, Being in the Woods, Pause, Burning, Blue Trees, Green Trees, A Darkling Wood, Beach Grass
  • circling motion
    • Examples – Deep Water, Descending, Blue Ice Man
  • rocks and grasses
    • Examples – Peaceful Moment, A Way Thru, Finding the Path, Seagrass Band, Leap
  • linear motion
    • Examples – Days End, Aftermath

I have shown my work in the following venues:

  • Topsfield Library 2016, 1 month show in April
  • Everett 2016 to present, 4 reproduction prints in a business
  • Topsfield Fair 2017
  • Topsfield Library 2017, 2 months November thru December
  • Topsfield Library 2018, 1 month June
  • UPCOMING: Topsfield Fair 2018
  • UPCOMING: Centennial Gallery, Peabody MA October, 2018

My painting is a kind of meditation for me. I listen to Eckhart Tolle ‘The Power of Now”, Wayne Dyer “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao”, Pico Iyer ‘The Art of Stillness’ and Shunryu Suzuki-roshi ‘Zen Mind, Beginners Mind’… the list continues to grow.

I have started a series of Doodle Drawings, pen on paper. These drawings are colorful abstract meanderings. I began this series in 2016.

In 2018, I became curious about the ‘fluid art’ style of poured paint. I have begun experimenting with this style as a must-media exercise.