Threads of Thought

This pen on paper piece is 24” wide X 18” tall. Threads of Thought is drawn on mixed (multi-media) drawing paper. Matt and frame required before hanging. This  original drawing will be hung in a private home. Reproduction prints are available. See contact information below.

This drawing is something I was doing to give my hands and mind something to do while ‘chill-axing’, as my kids say. Typically, I would head to my painting space to create something with paint and a 3″ putty knife, but getting to my space has been difficult with so much going on in my days. I am glad I found an outlet for my art mind while also hanging out with my family. After the fun I had with the ribbons in Feeling Christmas, I wanted to play with that idea more. Then we watched the Harry Potter where Dumbledore draws his thoughts out of his head and put them into the Pensieve and I decided this drawing could be that for me. Huh, so that’s what it looks like in my head! Currently my cell phone cover 🙂

Karen Fieldstad Art Portfolio
D5 – Threads of Thought

Purchasing options (not including tax and shipping/handling):

  • Original drawing  —–  
  • Reproduction / Giclee Copies (from digital scan)
    • 16″ X 20″ gallery wrapped canvas  —–  
      • Other sizes available, including larger sizes. Contact me for pricing (contact information below)
    • 16″ X 20″ Matt Paper print (not matted or framed)  —–  
      • Same size and other sizes available. Contact me for pricing (contact information below)
    • Other items available: note cards, bookmarks